Learn More about Inglewood's Partnership with Colombia:

Since 2014, a guiding principle for the partnership between Seattle Presbytery

and the Presbyterian Church in Colombia our has been mutuality. We’ve aimed

at genuine “hermanamiento”, literally translated from Spanish to “twinning”. It’s a sibling model that acknowledges both entities – Seattle Presbytery and Presbiterio de la Costa – have their own gifts and challenges to bring to the relationship. We recognize the inherent imbalance of power (Seattle has more churches and more financial resources). Yet we also see the significant ministry their presbytery has done through a wide array of community engagement, and what we can learn from each other.

Pastor James will be participating in the delegation to Colombia very soon. As last year, there are some specific areas we hope to explore with and learn from our Colombian sisters and brothers.

Hospitality & ‘Accompaniment’.

Colombians have a long history of armed conflict, and implementing the peace accord has been challenging. There is lots to learn from people who have tried to live faithfully to Jesus even in (and after) extreme conflict. Our delegation will be spending some time in a FARC reintegration camp to hear their stories.

Immigrant ministry.

Colombia now hosts almost 2 million Venezuelan refugees (total Colombian population is not quite 50 million). And the Church has played an active role in welcoming Venezuelans into Colombia and providing for them.

Diaconal ministry.

The Colombian church has put quite a lot of energy into thinking biblically and practically about the ministry of Deacons as officers of the church. Deacons take the lead in mercy ministry, but have also played significant roles in addressing public social issues, including work with various armed groups. 

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

  • Pray for Pastor James' trip as he leaves for Colombia at the end of January. 
  • Pray for safe travels, the ministry they'll be doing, team dynamics, and the people they'll meet in country. 
  • Pray for Presbyterian (and other) church workers serving as chaplains on the Venezuelan border and throughout Colombia.
  • Pray for Ninth Church (Barranquilla) as they rebuild their sanctuary
  • Pray for those who minister within the reintegration camps, and for those who live there, that God would bring healing and wholeness to lives through the Good News of Jesus and the practical love and care of those who know him.
  • Pray for all of our Colombian partners, that God bless their witness to his goodness as they seek his Kingdom and its shalom.

Pray for Colombia with Us