Chancel Choir - Teens & Adults

The Chancel Choir meets weekly during the school year on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm for rehearsals and sings during Sunday morning worship, usually two or three times a month. The music ranges from classic to contemporary, with pieces being as old as from the middle ages or written as recently as this decade. The main requirement is that it praises God and can be sung by relatively inexperienced (but enthusiastic) musicians.  If you might be interested in joining the choir, we would happily include you!

Lord's Accord - Children's Choir

The Lord’s Accord choir is for kids in first through sixth grade. They sing in worship monthly throughout the school year, including holidays. Anthems are chosen to be very enjoyable for the choristers and for scriptural content - we hope that learning the lyrics will help provide lifelong spiritual nourishment. Music style varies and much attention is given to the rhythms of the church year, so the songs they love to sing help them to understand God's work both in history and in their own lives. Rehearsals are in the choir room weekly, after worship starting at 11:15 am. Our director is Judith Ford.


We are privileged to have some talented instrumentalists among us. On Sunday mornings (and other gatherings) you will hear members and friends playing piano, guitar, organ, and other instruments to lead the congregation's singing.  There are also (as you will have guessed by now) folks who sing from up front to help the rest of us in our singing.  If interested, please contact Pastor James or Ingrid Crozier.

We gather for worship on Sundays at 10am

If you're curious about Inglewood, one place to start is our weekly gathering for worship (each Sunday beginning at 10am, for a bit more than an hour). We are people from every age and stage and many different backgrounds, united by God's saving grace and our common desire to grow in our love for Jesus, for people, and for life.

During our gatherings we hear God's Word together and respond to him in prayer and praise. The point is to honor God for who he is, enjoy him, and love others as he has loved us.

Musically, we aim to use the best of hymns traditional and modern along with some contemporary songs, mostly accompanied on the piano. You'll hear the organ several times a year, but we use guitars too (and other instruments, such as cello). Coffee, tea, and pastries are served after the service so that people can stay around to talk and get to know each other.