Events and Activities

Several of the many events and activities coming up.

Neighborhood Kitchen

The Neighborhood Kitchen started over two years ago and has morphed into a group that enjoys exploring the cuisine of a different country each month with a renewed connection with Seattle Tilth’s CKNW (Community Kitchens Northwest), including workshops for community kitchen groups in the Seattle area. From a vegetarian beginning, we now generally have a meat and a vegetarian option. Participants also work to circumvent food allergies and intolerances. Each month we choose the next month’s menu. If you wish to join your neighbors, contact Annette at

Wetland Restoration

  Inglewood Presbyterian has partnered with King Conservation District in a wetland restoration project north of our facility. Work has already started, with invasive-species removed and native vegetation planted. The project was reviewed and approved by the City of Kirkland. For more information, please contact our office. And new this summer, we are extending the restoration along the eastern edge of our parking area.

Finn Hill Neighborhood Garden
  Garden plots are available for just $50 for the year. Much of the space has already been planted - fencing, water and a pathway are already in place. Antje and Annette are planning Garden events.  Sustainable gardening and organic practices are taught, with plans for guest speakers and a chance to learn from each other.  If you love to garden and need a space - or have outgrown your own yard - we have a place for you.  Beds are raised and filled and ready to plant.  Spaces are roughly 72 square feet with some more square than others.  It is situated in a field with a good mix of full and partial sun through the day.